Thursday, August 23, 2012

mobiMOOC - an online course on mobile learning

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MobiMOOC 2012: a free, open, online course on mobile learning - three weeks and 12 topics all related to mLearning.

If you visit this wiki, you probably want to register for the free, open and online MobiMOOC course which will run from Saturday 8 September - Sunday 30 September 2012 and will focus on learning/training with mobile devices (mLearning).

Dynamics of the course:

a MOOC is all about dialogue, discussions and building upon each others experiences. We all have lived long enough to know more of certain areas than others. In a MOOC we come together to enhance our knowledge on a certain field by entering dialogues, enhancing our networks and … having fun while doing it. As such each of the resources given by the facilitators or guides-on-the-side are just possible stepping stones, not the universal truth. By gathering together each one of us will grow by communicating with each other. Looking forward to all our discussions and insights!

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