Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Online and Distance Learning Weekly, January 31

January 31st - Online and Distance Learning Weekly published at: http://paper.li/NattyStewart24/1325359513/2012/01/31

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top 10 Sites for Educational Apps

Techlearning.com is a Resource for Education Technology Leaders focusing on K-12 educators. Site contains a Software Reviews Database, articles from Technology & Learning Magazine, articles from Educators in Educators' eZine, Event and Contest listings, Reader suggested Web sites, and weekly news updates on education.
In the blog post Top 10 Sites for Educational Apps, the author says that a "one-to-one computing environment is not only a possibility, but also a reality in more school districts than people realize". The author then lists and describes 10 favorite sites for finding educational apps.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

PhD Early Childhood Education

PhD early childhood educationPhD Early Childhood Education programs prepare you for jobs in education and administration specifically related to children from birth to age 8. 
This page provides information on what is studied, where you can study these programs, what the career prospects are, and more ...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Free Online Conference on Integrating Technology

You are cordially invited to join the live online conference on the weekend of Feb 3-5, 2012.

Please join the Moodle conference area and the Ning social network to get the latest updates: http://www.integrating-technology.org/course/view.php?id=283 and http://connecting-online.ning.com

The conference will be of interest to educators, administrators, students, and community members who value the importance of integrating technology into the curriculum to improve instruction, learning, and business. Online learning involves various skills on the part of the instructor and learner. These include social and communication skills, social networking, independent learning strategies, critical and higher order thinking skills, creativity, and effective online and face-to-face facilitation. In addition, there are many challenges that educators, administrators, students, businesses, and community members face.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Substance Abuse Degree Programs

Substance abuse online programs develop your skills to help drug abusersSubstance abuse online and on campus programs provide the knowledge and skills required to be a substance abuse counselor.
Substance abuse counselors (also called behavioral disorder counselors) help people who have addictions or other behavioral disorders, e.g., alcohol, drugs, gambling, substance abuse and eating disorders.  They sometimes work with individuals, but more frequently work in a group setting.  Counselors also run education and training programs aimed at preventing addictions.
You can find out more at the web page "Substance Abuse Online and On Campus Degree Programs", which has details of the courses, where you can take them, the career prospects, and more ...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finding Online Subjects And Programs

Taking online sujects and programs is possible almost anywhere in the world nowTaking online subjects and programs, e.g., an online MBA, an online Education degree, an online Nursing program, or an online degree program in another subject area, is a really convenient way to study.
But you must take care that the quality of the education and qualification you receive is worthwhile.  You should make sure that you only apply for accredited online programs.
The web page "Finding Online Subjects And Programs To Take" provides help in finding schools that offer accredited online degree programs in various subjects.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Entertainment Degrees

Entertainment degrees for exciting careersGenerally, it's very hard to get into the entertainment industry - but a degree can help you.  Entertainment degrees are available for various jobs in the industry.   These would include the creative fields, e.g., video games, animation, and multimedia, as well as the business fields, e.g., marketing, being an agent, and business education.  Some of these degree can be taken online, which is very convenient if you want to carry on working whilst studying.
The "On Campus and Online Entertainment Degrees" page has information about the various career fields, the relevant programs, links to suitable schools, and more .,..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Enhance Your Career With A Bioinformatics Degree

A bioinformatics degree puts you at the forefront of medical changeWhat is bioinformatics? The term refers to information processes in living systems.  Bioinformatics experts research these processes and build computer models of the structures so as help understand them.  This facilitates the creation of new medical knowledge, for example, for the production of new pharmaceuticals, or a deeper understanding of DNA.
To follow this career path, you need to take a bioinformatics degree, which usually comprises biology, computer science and chemistry.
You can get more details about this exciting field at the web page Bioinformatics Degree Programs, which also lists the schools where you can take these programs.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

About Computer Information Systems Degrees

Be at the forefront with computer information systems degreesThe US Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that information technology is one of the fastest growing fields in the economy.  Companies require trained professionals in the field in order to stay head in the global, competitive environment, so there are lots of opportunities for qualified people. One such area is computer information systems.
Getting a relevant computer science degree is crucial to getting started in the computer information systems field.  It will provide you with the technical and business skills that are necessary to help you understand and use technology in your career in insurance companies, software publishers, data services, securities companies, telecommunications, and financial institutions, etc.
Computer information systems degrees taken online provide a flexible and convenient way for you to qualify for a career in this area, but some students prefer to take them on campus.  Which ever mode of study suits you best, click here to Find Out About Computer Information Systems Degrees.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lead the Field with an MBA in International Business Program

MBA in International Business helps you succeed  As companies enter the global market, it becomes necessary for them to include individuals with international business knowledge and expertise on their team.  An international business qualification can put you at the forefront of change as more companies look for experts in the area.
The prospects for this career are growing dramatically, so it is well worth while enrolling in a suitable program today. This MBA in international business page provides more details and shows you where you can study these degrees.
There are online programs available that provide opportunities for individuals to study with more flexibility.  However, it is important to note that studying through an online university is hard work.  Request information from several schools, and look at each one carefully to assess its curriculum and entry requirements.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Graduate with a Psychology and Business Degree

Graduating in psychology and businessThe application of psychology in business seeks to understand and change human behavior in a business setting.  If you are thinking of taking a business psychology program, then the web page "On Campus and Online Psychology and Business Programs" will help you. 
You can study this major online and on-campus at most levels, viz., bachelor's, master's and doctor's.  Sometimes  it is included in an industrial organizational psychology degree or combined with organizational behavior. 
Checkout the web page to find out more and to locate suitable programs.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Preparation for College and University

Advice for studentsDo you want to go to university?  Are you not sure if you're ready? Are there some tests that you need to take in order to qualify for entrance into the program you want? 
Here's a web page that deals with preparation for college and university.  It provides advice on preparation and also the tests you need to take.  For example, if you don't have a high school diploma, then you will need to take the GED test.  Similarly, if you are a graduate and you want to go to medical school, you will need to take the MCAT test.  This page also helps you to identify colleges and universities that provide courses or programs to assist you in your preparation.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Education Administration Degrees

School DayAn educational administration program might be just what you need to progress in a career in school or college management.  These programs are particularly useful for qualified teachers who wish to move from teaching into administration or management.
Education administration online degrees, (and other similar degrees such as educational leadership or educational management and administration) are designed to develop your knowledge and skills in educational supervision, management and leadership.  They are useful for administration careers in elementary and secondary schools as well as college.
The web page "Education Administration Online and Campus-based Degrees" provides information on where you can study these education degrees online, what is studied in them, what you can expect to earn, and more ...

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