Saturday, August 31, 2013

2013 Middle School iPad Orientation

This is the Middle School iPad Orientation video for both Hill Country and West Ridge Middle schools in the Eanes Independent School District. If you are a s...

A Learning Journey

Every student has a learning journey, but who is in charge of that journey? When you think about a great teacher, what comes to mind? A teacher who cares, excites, motivates and inspires? What abou...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Open Source | Online and Distance Learning

Find out more about open source software and open educational resources (OER), so that you can use them in your teaching and learning.


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Online Education Programs | Online and Distance Learning

Find distance education programs or online programs in adult education, primary, secondary, TESOL, or other online education programs.


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Monday, August 26, 2013

Using Social Media to Fuel Face-to-Face Interaction in the Classroom - Antero Garcia is known throughout the digital media and learning community for leading the charge for the adoption of social media in the classroom and supporting participatory learning in school settings. So when it came time to decide on his dissertation project, Garcia knew three things had to be incorporated: his classroom, his students, and games. What resulted was Ask Anansi , an alternate reality game that features a fictitious storytelling spider who takes on a mentorship role with youth.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Erase Yourself From the Internet With

Attention, Internet users. This is something you'll want to bookmark.


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A Masters in Forensic Accounting Prepares You For An Exciting Career

masters in forensic accountingA masters in forensic accounting can lead to a career that is interesting, exciting and fulfilling. This page has information about the programs, where they can be taken, the prospects, and more ...

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A Masters in Forensic Accounting Prepares You For An Exciting Career

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LinkedIn's New University Pages Help Teens Network Before College

Networking can prove invaluable when it comes to looking for a job, as well as when you’re planning on training for one. The right network can offer suggestions on what courses to take in college, help open doors at the right internships and ultimately help you launch a career in the organization of your dreams.

LinkedIn is now helping you start that process as early as high school with LinkedIn University Pages, a new product launching on the site Monday.

While the pages aren’t designed to be exclusively used by high school students, those students might find their content especially useful. Starting Sept. 13, students in the United States age 14 and up will be able to sign up for LinkedIn, create a profile and interact with University pages.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

10 Sharp iTunes U Courses for Back-to-School

As the summer ends and the back-to-school sales start haunting your shopping centers, ease into the academic season with some free educational podcasts.

The iTunes U app gives you access to courses from universities and learning centers around the world, ranging from Stanford to Yale to MoMA to the New York Public Library. According to its website, iTunes U is the largest database of educational material on the web.

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7 Ways Teachers Use Social Media in the Classroom

Millennials live and breathe on social media, so teachers are learning how to incorporate the medium into the classroom successfully.

In doing so, teachers not only encourage students to engage actively in the material, but they also provide online communities for students that might not exist for them in real life.

But how are teachers infusing social media into their everyday lessons? We've highlighted several different examples and offered our own ideas on how to best engage students.



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Saturday, August 17, 2013

12 ways to help a child make the transition to kindergarten

During the summer, I take much of my speech-language therapy practice out of the classroom and office and move it to summer camp. It can be a treat to help preschoolers develop language and social skills with their peers outside on warm summer days.

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How Teens Do Research in the Digital World

The teachers who instruct the most advanced American secondary school students render mixed verdicts about students’ research habits and the impact of technology on their studies.

According to this survey of teachers, conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project in collaboration with the College Board and the National Writing Project, the internet has opened up a vast world of information for today’s students, yet students’ digital literacy skills have yet to catch up.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Science eLearning Resources ~ Learnist

by Alex Perry


"A collection of Science digital tools and readings.
(Most will require Flash or Java) Check out the Photon App for iPad and iPhone! "

Adjunct Online Faculty - The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division

Join the team of the leader in online creative arts education, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. From faculty to staff positions, we are looking for motivated and energetic people to help our students achieve their ultimate goal - to graduate and pursue a career in their chosen field as they create tomorrow.

This 12-year-old kid learned to code on Codecademy, built 5 apps, and is speaking at SXSW

"In the near future, I see myself developing more apps, possibly a game," Ethan told me. "In the long term, I may not be in app development but I'll definitely be some kind of programmer."


Thursday, August 15, 2013

What Every College Student Should Post on LinkedIn

Are you waiting until after graduation to start building up your LinkedInprofile? It's time to reconsider.

"Every student is blindly trying to make a resume, but surprisingly many don't have great LinkedIn profiles," says Natan Edelsburg, senior vice president at Sawhorse Media. "I often hear, 'Here's my resume. My LinkedIn isn't great, but here's the link.' I usually respond, 'Make it great, and then get back to me!'"

Thirty-seven percent of surveyed job recruiters identified social professional networks as one of the most important sources for hiring. Social professional networks are also the fastest growing source of quality hires.

Still not convinced? Ninety of the Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn's corporate talent solutions to find future hires.


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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Zurker - a new social network with a difference

Zurker - a new social network:

My first reaction - "do we need yet another social network?"

After reading about the philosophy of Zurker, my answer was "yes" - because it is one that is owned by the network members and responsive to needs of the network members, rather than being a centralized, corporate, profit-oriented, juggernaut.

Zurker is literally a member-owned application.  You actually get shares in the company and so can profit from its growth.

And Zurker is driven by democracy. It's new - and still developing. Instead of changes being introduced top-down (whether you wanted the change or not) Zurker seeks out your ideas and feedback, so that their development team can develop the social application most in tune with what users actually want.

And it's free, of course.  Check it out here:

English for Tourism - Restaurant Service Online Course

This ALISON free online course is ideal for tourism and restaurant workers who wish to advance to an intermediate level of English with a focus on the travel and hospitality industries. It will also be of interest to people with a basic level of English who wish to better understand the rules of the English language.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Do Apps That Advertise Learning Make Your Baby Smarter? Advocacy Group Says No

Need to entertain your baby? There's an app for that. But whether or not mobile device applications are actually educating your baby is under debate. An advocacy group has filed a federal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.


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Sunday, August 4, 2013

MOOC Killer Apps: The Autograder vs. The Syndication Engine

There are lots of ways to describe the differences between xMOOCs--the courses produced by edX,Coursera, and Udacity starting around 2011--versus the cMOOCs--the original courses dubbed MOOCs in 2008 and 2009 by a number of university professors, mostly in Canada.

One of the best ways to distinguish between them is by thinking about their "killer app," the special tool that distinguishes them from previous generations of technologies.


What Personalized Learning Really Means For Modern Teachers

added by Jennifer Kelly


It’s Not All About Technology

"Many people think that Personalized Learning is all about technology. It is not, although technology makes it more accessible in over-crowded classrooms. If an individual student has Internet access, that student can work independently while the teacher facilitates an in-depth discussion with a small group at another skill level. Technology empowers the teacher to keep a larger number of students at different levels moving forward simultaneously.


"Personalized Learning is also about improving the ability to assess student’s skills or growth in real time, rather than at the end of a unit or semester when it could be too late to redirect. Again, technology helps, but it is more about changing the mindsets of teachers, parents and students about how skills are measured and when. In addition, that ongoing assessment enables teachers and parents to better communicate about a child’s needs."


via Shelly Terrell

Friday, August 2, 2013

32 characteristics of performing classrooms


Transforming education: Stop teaching and begin learning with your students

Many students learn to play the game and give back to the teachers what their teachers want to hear without really comprehending what it is they repeating. One educator calls this inert knowledge. Others call it 'fragile', 'trivial', or 'ritual'.Research shows that the 'prior knowledge' students bring to any learning situation has been shown hard alter. Many teachers are unaware of their students prior views ignoring educationalist David Ausabel’s advice ‘ascertain what the learner knows and teach accordingly’. All too often the more teachers’ teach the more students’ curiosity, the key to learning at any age, is lost.  Consider who asks all the questions in class.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Studying a Clinical Doctorate in Psychology

brain scanAre you looking for clinical doctorate in psychology programs? This page will help you to find out more about clinical psychology study online and on campus.

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Studying a Clinical Doctorate in Psychology

Online Masters and PhDs

Online and Distance Learning