Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Zurker - a new social network with a difference

Zurker - a new social network:


My first reaction - "do we need yet another social network?"

After reading about the philosophy of Zurker, my answer was "yes" - because it is one that is owned by the network members and responsive to needs of the network members, rather than being a centralized, corporate, profit-oriented, juggernaut.

Zurker is literally a member-owned application.  You actually get shares in the company and so can profit from its growth.

And Zurker is driven by democracy. It's new - and still developing. Instead of changes being introduced top-down (whether you wanted the change or not) Zurker seeks out your ideas and feedback, so that their development team can develop the social application most in tune with what users actually want.

And it's free, of course.  Check it out here:


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