Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Free Tool Designed To Connect All Schools In The U.S.

Connecting classrooms around the globe is a project that a number of different groups have tackled, and this one is no different. Connect All Schools is an group of many organizations that is focused around the goal of connecting all schools in the US with the world by 2016.

This large group of participating organizations has a long list of goals and reasons why connecting students across the globe are important. They hope that by connecting students, they can:

Build understanding and global competencyIntroduce global issues curriculum, new World Languages, online collaboration, youth and teacher exchanges, professional development on international education, and video-conferencesEnable schools to indicate how they are connected to the world and for new teachers, school administrators and parents to work with consortium partners on building new linksAllow for online language practice with native speakers around the worldAllow students to learn WITH the world instead of just about itTo create a student citizenry that is aware of and comfortable with interaction with peers worldwide Read more at:

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