Thursday, October 16, 2014

Legend: Great Tool to Create Interactive Visual Stories with Ease

With the growth in technology, we have seen a rapid growth in the market for educational content (digital content) providers but most of them are confined to the academic or curriculum content.

The students of the 21st century need to know and learn much more than what the current curriculum has to offer. In a dynamic world of information access, digitization of existing content is not the solution, hence e-books are not the best format for e-content for most of the teachers and their classrooms. Today’s kids love watching and listening to content over reading textbooks. Interactive visual stories are far more engaging and retentive than textbooks for these kids. Teacher must learn to use video, images, and text in combination to transform the quality of content that reaches the students.

The use of multimedia in the classroom has been made easy and structured for teachers and entertaining for students with Legend, a visual storytelling platform.

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