Sunday, May 22, 2016

Teacher leadership & deeper learning for all students [#Infographic] | #CTQ #CTQCollab


In this new paper commissioned by the Ford Foundation, Barnett Berry makes the case for how a system of teacher leadership and learning can fuel deeper learning for all students. 

Here is what the paper tackles:

examines current reforms' limitations and notes some promising emergent examples, (like Social Justice Humanitas Academy in LAUSD); summarizes 30 years of research about how teachers learn and lead (also drawing on stories of teachers CTQ has worked with since our founding in 1998); identifies three promising shifts that could be leveraged to create an effective system of teacher leadership and learning; and
describes next steps that stakeholders (including policymakers, USDOE, state education leaders, superintendents, and others) can take to advance teacher leadership toward a more equitable public education system.  


The infographic below reveals 3 big changes we can leverage now to improve public education for all students.


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