Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why build a Personal Learning Network?

Time spent developing your Personal Learning Network is time well spent but it does take time. The danger busy teachers face is in becoming so engrossed in dealing with the day to day business of teaching that we make poor choices when it comes to time spent on our personal learning. We manage to find time for our students, for phone calls home, for report writing and programming all the while letting our engagement with learning slip down the list of things to do. Ensuring your personal learning is a priority is essential and should be seen against the value it brings to your students; enhance your teaching and you enhance their learning.


Munro, Hopkins and Craig recognise this when they state 'Student outcomes depend on the teaching in the school, its pedagogic capital'. For you, your school and most importantly your students time invested in building a Personal Learning Network is time spent developing your pedagogic capital. 


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