Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Excellent Video Tutorials to Help You Sketchnote on iPad

"After posting about top iPad apps for creating sketchnotes, I received a couple of requests for sharing video tutorials on sketchnoting on iPad. The videos below are probably the best tutorials you would find out there.  These are the videos I used myself when I first started learning about sketchnoting. There are also some other great resources where you would find more materials and helpful guides on how to create electronic sketchnotes. The first thing I would recommend in this regard is Mike Rohde's book " The Sketchnote Handbook". It is a short book which you can read in a single reading session. This book is particularly useful for beginners who have just started muddling their way through sketchnoting. Another great resource is Kathy Schrock's sketchnoting page which contains a lot of links, tutorials and examples of excellent sketchnotes. You can also use twitter hashtag #sketchnotes to browse through links and resources sketchnoters share their."

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