Monday, March 4, 2013

Why Can’t Johnny Write? Don’t Blame Social Media

Are Twitter, Facebook and fexting destroying our ability to write? One UK professor says yes. Another says all is not quite as it seems.
Abulafia unloaded on Twitter’s 140-character limit, according to reports. He decried the compressed language and is especially worried that students entering college do not know how to write prose.
Yes, they can sometimes communicate in much the same way they do on social media -– where “pokes and static gestures” are more or less suggestions of a larger thought. Lay admits this can be “infuriating” to her generation. These students simply think differently.
Writing is still their primary form of communication, even if the canvas (texting and Twitter) is smaller. Lay calls Twitter “a beautiful, reductive space,” a sentiment that would warm Jack Dorsey’s heart.

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