Friday, September 14, 2012

Women Prefer Pinterest, Young Adults Choose Instagram [STUDY]

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Women are more likely to use Pinterest than men, and young adults are heavy Instagram users, according to the latest Pew Research survey.

12% of online adults use Pinterest, which is dominated by women. Nearly one-fifth of online women (19%) use Pinterest, a site that allows users to organize and share content from around the web by “pinning” photos and images into “pinboards” that are organized by categories and themes. Each “pin,” which includes a caption, links back to the site from which it originated.

12% of online adults use Instagram, which is dominated by young adults. Some 27% of the Internet users between ages 18-29 use Instagram, which is a photo-sharing service built around a smartphone app that allows users to filter and tint photos they’ve taken and then share them with those they are connected to through the service on a photo feed. Facebook recently bought the service.

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