Sunday, September 4, 2016

WeAreTeachers: 60 Apps to Teach STEAM in the Classroom

pairing—as kids drag, draw and create they learn more about technology and the world around them. That's why we've gathered 60 of our favorite apps for teaching STEAM in the classroom, with recommendations for every grade level. Read on to get our list!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Charles Fadel Discusses What Knowledge is Relevant in a 21st Century Curriculum

In this post, we will focus on WHAT knowledge is relevant in a 21st century curriculum.

Personal Learning Networks: All eLearning pros need to know

A Personal Learning Network involves a group of individuals who share ideas, feedback, and experiences. In the realm of eLearning these interactions take place online, through forums, social media, and other collaborative online platforms. Online learners have the power to participate in online discussions when and how it suits their needs. Regardless of their physical location, preferences, or goals, Personal Learning Networks are a valuable eLearning resource. Here are the top benefits of Personal Learning Networks, as well as 5 tips for integrating them into your eLearning course design.

Friday, September 2, 2016

How Can Schools Prioritize For The Best Ways Kids Learn? | #LEARNing2LEARN in #ModernEDU


It's no longer enough for teachers to get a credential and then sit back and teach the same content year after year.


Richardson says to be part of modern learning, teachers need to actively educate themselves about the context students live in and how they can improve as educators.

"There's never been a more amazing time to be a learner," Richardson said. "How are we in education not running towards that in our own personal lives and embracing that?"

It's not just about connecting on Twitter with other educators or asking for professional development about technology. If teachers are waiting for a planned PD about something they are probably already stuck. "You have to have the disposition of an eight-year old to find your own learning," Richardson said.


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